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‘Yellowstone’ Sequel Confirmed: Paramount Announces End of Original Series

Paramount Officially Orders ‘Yellowstone’ Sequel, Announces an End to the Main Series

The popular TV series ‘Yellowstone’ is officially coming to an end, but its spinoff will live on. The announcement that the final episodes of ‘Yellowstone’ will start airing in November also came with the news that Paramount will be moving forward with a straight-to-series order for a sequel to the franchise that will stream on Paramount+.

The new installment will retain the ‘Yellowstone’ name and is expected to be another hit for Paramount+. Franchise creator Taylor Sheridan will write and produce the sequel, which will also be produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and David Glasser’s 101 Studios.

While it is still unknown who will star in the latest iteration of the franchise, it has been widely reported that Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is in talks to join the cast. Whether he will play a character related to the Duttons remains to be seen.

The series is set to debut first on Paramount Network and later on Paramount+ in December, despite a possible writers’ strike. Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish has expressed regret at the 2020 streaming rights deal that placed ‘Yellowstone’ on Peacock instead of Paramount+. However, the untitled sequel being a new entity allows it to operate independently of the NBCUniversal deal.

The news of the ‘Yellowstone’ spinoff comes at a time when the show’s star Kevin Costner is reportedly refusing to work more than a week on the back half of the show’s final season. Despite this behind-the-scenes drama, ratings for the fifth season have continued to break records.

Many of the show’s co-stars have been tight-lipped about the issue, but now with the announcement of a spinoff, fans can look forward to the Dutton story continuing in another epic tale.

Chris McCarthy, the president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios expressed confidence that the ‘Yellowstone’ sequel will be another big hit, while David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, added that he is thrilled to bring the new journey to audiences worldwide.

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