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“Insights from Tesla’s 2023 Shareholder Meeting: Elon Musk on Cybertruck, Economy, and Advertising”

Tesla 2023 Shareholder Meeting: Musk Talks Cybertruck, Economy, Advertising

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke at the company’s 2023 annual shareholder meeting on Monday, providing updates on the electric vehicle maker’s plans for the future. Musk discussed a broad range of topics, from the eagerly anticipated Cybertruck to Tesla’s advertising strategy.


One of the highlights of Musk’s presentation was an update on the Cybertruck. The Tesla CEO said that the all-electric pickup truck is on track to hit the market in 2024. He also hinted that the Cybertruck might be produced at a new factory in Austin, Texas.

“It looks like it’s mostly going to be in Texas,” Musk said.

The Cybertruck has been a much-hyped product for Tesla, with its futuristic design and impressive performance specs. The company has already received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for the vehicle.


Musk also addressed concerns over the state of the economy. He said that while he is optimistic about the future, he believes that there will likely be some “bumps in the road” along the way.

“The economy is going to be volatile, and there are going to be ups and downs,” Musk said. “But I think we’re in a good position to weather those storms and come out even stronger on the other side.”

Musk also highlighted the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in driving economic growth. He said that companies like Tesla can play a key role in shaping the future of the economy.


Tesla has long eschewed traditional advertising, relying instead on word-of-mouth and media coverage to promote its brand. But Musk said that the company is now open to the idea of advertising, though he emphasized that any advertising would be done in a way that is consistent with Tesla’s values and messaging.

“We’re not going to do advertising just for the sake of advertising,” Musk said. “But if there are opportunities to get our message out there, we’re open to exploring those.”

Final Thoughts

Overall, Musk’s presentation at the 2023 annual shareholder meeting highlighted Tesla’s commitment to innovation and growth. While there are certainly challenges ahead, the company seems poised to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the electric vehicle industry and beyond.

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