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Peloton introduces safety guard for Tread+ recall: Protect your workout with peace of mind

Peloton to Introduce Safety Guard for Recalled Tread+ Treadmill

Peloton, the popular home fitness equipment manufacturer, has announced that it will be introducing a safety guard for its Tread+ treadmill, which has been recalled due to safety concerns. The move is aimed at reassuring customers who may still be using the treadmill following the recall.

The safety guard will be designed to prevent small children and pets from getting trapped under the machine’s tread. The recall was prompted by reports of injuries and one fatality involving the Tread+ treadmill.

The safety guard will be made out of a durable and clear polycarbonate material, which will be resistant to cracking or breaking. It will be positioned at the front of the machine, where it will serve as a barrier to prevent children and small pets from accessing the tread.

The announcement comes after Peloton’s voluntary recall of the Tread+ treadmill, which was initially announced in April of 2021. The recall included around 125,000 machines in the United States and Canada.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) initially urged Peloton customers to stop using the machines altogether, citing concerns about the safety of the tread. The CPSC cited 39 incidents, including one death, in which children and pets were injured by the machines.

Peloton initially resisted the CPSC’s request to recall the Tread+ treadmill, arguing that the product was safe when used properly. However, after reaching a settlement with the CPSC, Peloton agreed to recall the machines and offer customers a full refund or a repair.

The new safety guard is just one of the measures that Peloton is taking to address the safety concerns surrounding the Tread+ treadmill. Peloton has also reinforced the safety warnings on the machine and has launched an educational campaign aimed at informing customers about safe usage.

Peloton’s CEO, John Foley, has stated that the company is committed to making its products as safe as possible for its customers. “We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and we are committed to doing everything we can to make sure that they can use our products without risk of harm,” he said.

The safety guard will be available for purchase by all customers who own a Tread+ treadmill, whether or not they have already received a refund or repair. The company is currently working with suppliers and manufacturers to ramp up production of the safety guard, with plans to make it available as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Peloton’s introduction of a safety guard for its Tread+ treadmill is a welcome development for customers who may still be using the machine despite the recall. The use of a clear and durable polycarbonate material for the safety guard will ensure that it is both effective and long-lasting, providing an added layer of protection to prevent any further accidents or injuries.

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