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This common two-word phrase is the ‘worst thing’ a parent can tell a child, says education expert – UnlistedNews

Every little child gets anxious sometimes. But when your child panics, there’s a common two-word phrase he should never utter: Calm down.

That’s according to Rachel Romer, CEO and co-founder of educational assistance benefits company Guild, who is a mother of two. Especially for children, she says, calm is best taught through demonstration.

“I’m in the middle of parenting two little 4-year-olds, and I think about when they’re anxious, saying ‘calm down’ is the worst thing you can say to a 4 1/2-year-old.” old man,” Romer said recently on Guild’s “opportunity division” podcast, in an episode with leadership researcher Brené Brown and Wharton organizational psychologist Adam Grant.

Brown and Grant agreed. say “calm down” no validate the child’s emotions or help him understand his feelings, and may even unintentionally come off as dismissive, they said.

Managing an emotion like anxiety is a complex task, Grant added, recalling a 2014 published thesis in the Journal of Experimental Psychology by a researcher named Alison Wood Brooks.

“What he found was, when you ask people, ‘What do you do when you’re anxious and what do you tell other people to do?’ [more than 80%] of people said ‘calm down,’ but couldn’t, because we all know that anxiety is an intense, highly activated emotion, and it doesn’t just go away,” Grant said.

The trio recommended two exercises to help the children better manage their intense emotions.

Do controlled breathing together

Reframing anxiety as an emotion


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