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“Discover the Latest Trend: Fruit Leather Bags – Would You Wear One?”

The fashion industry’s impact on the environment is increasingly being recognized, leading to a growth in eco-friendly fashion companies. One such company is Sarjaa, launched by Anjana Arjun, which produces premium handbags made from fruit-based leather, including apple, cactus, and pineapple. While fruit leather is still a relatively new and expensive material, it is more environmentally friendly than plastic-based materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU) leather. Synthetic leather is often marketed as vegan leather, but it is not necessarily eco-friendly as it is produced using petroleum-based materials. Plant-based leather, made from ingredients like mushroom, pineapple, corn, banana, apple, cactus, green tea, coffee grounds, and coconut, may offer an eco-friendlier solution. Companies like Fruitleather Rotterdam and Nova Milan are producing mango and pineapple leather, respectively, while Indian companies like Malai and Anita Dongre are producing compostable coconut and plant-based leather accessories. Phool is even producing mushroom leather using a combination of mycelium and bacterial culture and flowers.

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