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“Explore Tarun Tahiliani’s Debut Men’s Boutique in Mumbai”

Inside Tarun Tahiliani’s First Menswear Store in Mumbai

Tarun Tahiliani is one of the leading Indian designers who has made his mark globally. The designer has created luxurious, couture masterpieces for women’s fashion for several years. A pioneer in the Indian fashion industry, he has now decided to make his mark in men’s fashion as well. Tarun Tahiliani has recently launched his first menswear store in Mumbai, India. The store is an exquisite display of the designer’s flamboyant style with a mix of both traditional and contemporary outfits.

The Store’s Location and Design:

The store is located in the heart of Mumbai’s luxury district, at Kala Ghoda. It is a two-level mansion with a perfect blend of traditional and modern designs. The store has been designed by Tarun’s sister, Tina Tahiliani, who also co-owns Ensemble, one of Mumbai’s most popular multi-brand designer stores. The store is spread across 5,500 sq. ft., with vast expanses of glass, white marble flooring, and modern lighting fixtures that highlight some of the store’s unique features.

The Essence of Tarun Tahiliani’s Collection:

The essence of Tarun’s collection for men’s clothing has its roots in India’s rich heritage and culture. The designer has managed to capture the essence of Indian and global styles in his collection. The store showcases a range of made-to-measure suits, kurtas, Nehru jackets, and sherwanis, all crafted with the finest fabrics and embellishments.

The designer has incorporated his signature style in his menswear collection as well, with intricate embroidery patterns, mix-and-match fabrics, and an overall fusion of ethnic and Western styles. The collection includes pastel-hued sherwanis, suits with velvet trims and intricate embroidery, and Nehru jackets with unique button detailing and geometric patterns. Tarun Tahiliani has also experimented with classic combinations like black and white to give a modern touch to traditional wear.

Personalized Styling Services:

The store provides personalized styling services to customers to help them find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Customers can book appointments with Tarun’s team of experts to help them select the right outfit based on their preferences and the occasion. The store’s team of tailors, embroiderers, and craftsmen work together to create unique and personalized outfits for customers.


The launch of Tarun Tahiliani’s first menswear store in Mumbai is a significant moment for the designer and the Indian fashion industry. The store is a remarkable display of Tarun’s flamboyant style with a perfect blend of traditional and modern influences. The collection offers a unique fusion of Indian and global styles, designed to suit any occasion. With personalized styling services, customers can customize their outfits to their preferences. The designer has created an unprecedented opening of menswear fashion in India. The store will undoubtedly influence the trends and styles in Indian menswear fashion for the years to come.

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