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In Uttar Pradesh’s Feel Nagar, braid making is a successful business – UnlistedNews

Almost every household in the village is involved in the work of making the hair accessory out of raw cotton yarn.

The artificial braids woven here give the perfect hair look and style, say the artisans at Feel Nagar who are earning a place in Uttar Pradesh and various parts of the country with their work.

However, artificial braids are not just about style. Villagers say many hang it outside houses and shops, on vehicles, and also tie it around the neck of their cattle to ward off the evil eye.

Ajay Kashyap, a Feel Nagar resident who lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic, says he returned home to join the business.

The village, located 35 kilometers from the district headquarters, falls under the Tilhar block. Almost every household in the village is involved in the work of making braids.

“The business has helped me make ends meet in the difficult times of the pandemic. I am planning to expand the business,” Kashyap said.

The villagers bring raw cotton yarn from Bhilwara, Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat. The raw yarns are cleaned and cut to the required braid sizes before being distributed to different households for braiding. People at home, especially women, braid the threads and secure them by tying knots at the end.

Kashyap explains that other artisans decorate the braid by making flowers on the braids. In this way, after the efforts of many people, a braid is prepared.

All craftsmen work for hire and are paid for their work. every craftsman wins $300-500 a day, Kashyap said. The braids are collected by contractors and distributed throughout the country.

Afroz Ali, a braid-making works contractor, said braids are made year-round in the village, but there is more demand from August to October. Ali says that a good braid sells for $300 and gives a profit margin sufficient to sustain the business.

According to the locals, the braids are used as totem poles and tied outside homes and businesses. People also tie it to their cattle or sacred trees or private vehicles. Braids are especially popular with truckers who decorate their vehicles with more than 40 braids.

Talib Khan, a trucker, said he wears braids to “protect his vehicle from the evil eye and bad omens.” “The braids also make the truck look beautiful.”

“Once, these braids were also popular with women who used them in makeup as hair extensions. But now they have been replaced by other braids that use natural hair,” Kashyap said.

District Magistrate Umesh Pratap Singh said that the making of artificial braids has generated large-scale self-employment in Feel Nagar. “The residents are dedicated to this work so they are not forced to migrate in search of work.”

The official said that the villagers have been engaged in braiding work for many decades. “Before it was done by people of specific castes, but now it has been adopted by people of all castes. The women use their free time to make braids and earn a good income,” said the DM.

Shahjahanpur Police Superintendent Ashok Kumar Meena said there is no historian, rapist or even a single person with a criminal record in Feel Nagar village.

“There was a murder in the village in 2011, but since then there has been no such incident. Crime incidents are almost negligible in Feel Nagar because the residents of the village are mainly engaged in their work,” said the SP.


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