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Only 10% of Consumers in India are Loyal to Makeup Brands

The majority of makeup shoppers (about 90%) in India like to try out new products, according to a recent survey conducted by Smytten. The study, which included 15,000 respondents aged between 18 to 45-years-old, aimed to determine the key factors that influenced how customers evaluate different brands and the drivers/barriers influencing purchases in five categories: personal care, makeup, fragrances, health and wellness, and food and beverages.

Consumers Want Products that Align with Their Values

Consumers are shifting towards products that align with beliefs for “function over emotion,” specifically with ingredients that are beneficial and safe for the skin, according to the Smytten survey. Although only 10% of makeup consumers are loyal to specific brands, their purchasing decisions are influenced by various factors such as transparency, effectiveness, and price.

Makeup is Essential for Daily Use

The survey found that consumers are increasingly wearing makeup daily, instead of only during special occasions. One of the main driving factors for this trend is lipsticks, where 50% of makeup consumers purchase a new lipstick once every two months. It also found an increase in the purchase of multi-utility products, such as 2-in-1 foundations.

Functional Needs Drive Fragrance Purchases

The Smytten survey also revealed that Indian buyers purchase an average of 12 fragrance products annually, driven mostly by functional needs instead of emotional desires. One in two fragrance purchasers in India has bought fragrances online in the past year, with 55% preferring to buy fragrances in stores.

Survey Recommendations

Swagata Sarangi, Smytten’s co-founder, said that product trials played an important role in driving purchase intentions, especially for newly-launched brands. She suggests that brands should share more information about their products on the labels, which is safe for the skin and creating innovative formats such as multi-utility products. Approvals from dermatologists are also recommended.

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