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“Rare Gem Alert: Largest Ruby in the World Up for Sale”

The World’s Largest Ruby, Estrela de Fura to be Auctioned in June, Expected to Fetch Over $30 Million

Auction house Sotheby’s has announced that it will auction the world’s largest ruby, known as the Estrela de Fura, in June 2022 in New York. The precious stone, which weighs 55.22 carats, was discovered in July 2022 in Mozambique’s Montepeuz region where it was mined by Fura. According to Uni Kim, a specialist in Sotheby’s jewelry department in Hong Kong, the ruby is expected to fetch over $30 million, which is a record price for a ruby sold at auction.

Origin of the Ruby

The Estrela de Fura is from Mozambique, which is a new and popular origin for rubies in addition to the more traditional Burmese rubies. The quality and size of the gemstone are almost unheard of, according to Dev Shetty, the chief executive of Fura Gems. The ruby was a 101-carat rough gemstone when it was first discovered, making many in the gem industry excited about its potential.

Record Price for the Ruby

The current record for the highest price paid at auction for a ruby is $30.3 million, which was set in 2015 by the Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-carat Burmese gemstone that was sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva. The Estrela de Fura is expected to surpass this record with its sale in June 2022.

The Upcoming Auction and Exhibitions

The Estrela de Fura ruby will be displayed in several cities around the world before it is auctioned at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels sale in New York on 8 June 2022. The exhibitions will be held in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Geneva, and Dubai. Sotheby’s hopes that the ruby will set a new record for Mozambique rubies.

Record-Breaking Sneakers Sold at Auction

In other auction news, a pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan during the 1998 NBA Finals was sold for a record-breaking $2.2 million, making them the most valuable sneakers ever sold. The Air Jordan 13 “Breds,” which means “black and red,” were worn by Jordan during the second game of the Finals in his final season with the Chicago Bulls.

Now, the auction world is eagerly waiting for the sale of the Estrela de Fura ruby, which is expected to surpass the current record price for a ruby sold at auction. With its origin from Mozambique and its impressive quality and size, it is no surprise that many people in the gem industry are excited to see this unique and precious stone on display.

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