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“Regal Style: Unveiling the High Fashion of King Charles’ Coronation”

The High Fashion at King Charles’ Coronation

What Fashion Symbolised at the Royal Coronation

Fashion is not just about clothing at a royal coronation event. It symbolises the personal style and message that an individual wants to portray. Most attendees at the coronation of Charles III opted for a relaxed, pared-down look in reflection of his environmental advocacy and passion for nature. Prince William’s wife Catherine chose a floral headpiece instead of a tiara, which was in line with the “green” tone set by the king. Her official robes were worn over an ivory silk crepe dress by Alexander McQueen.

Queen Camilla’s Coronation Dress

British couturier Bruce Oldfield designed Queen Camilla’s coronation dress, which featured abstract wildflowers from fields and hedgerows in ivory silk.

Katy Perry’s Attire

Singer Katy Perry wore a Vivienne Westwood skirt suit, matching elbow-length gloves and hat.

The US First Lady’s Chic Suit

The US First Lady Jill Biden wore a comfortable and chic Ralph Lauren suit to the coronation event at Westminster Abbey.

Symbolism in Charles’ Coronation

The Green Man, an ancient figure from British folklore symbolising the arrival of spring and rebirth, was featured on the coronation invitations that Charles III sent out. He placed much emphasis on environmental advocacy, which was reflected in the fashion choices of the event’s attendees.

(from left) Britain’s Catherine, Princess of Wales, Britain’s Prince Louis of Wales, Britain’s Prince William, Prince of Wales, page of honour, Britain’s Prince George of Wales on the Buckingham Palace balcony on 6 May

Queen Camilla in her modified version of Queen Mary's crown

Britain’s Queen Camilla wore a modified version of Queen Mary’s crown

Katy Perry during the coronations of Britain's King Charles III and Britain's Camilla, Queen Consort.

Katy Perry during the coronations of Britain’s King Charles III and Britain’s Camilla, Queen Consort.

Jill Biden attending King Charles III coronation event at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

Jill Biden at Westminster Abbey for the coronation of King Charles III in London on 6 May.

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