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“Ultimate Guide to Pre and Post Skincare and Haircare for Holi 2023”

Colours, water games and lots of sweets – Holi brings happy times. But it is not a party for your skin and hair. The use of harsh colours, hard water, and sun exposure can be bad news for your skin, hair, and scalp. To ensure your hair and skin stay protected, skin doctors often advise following these simple steps.

Prep Your Hair: Dry, frizzy hair can absorb everything thrown at it and is a sign that the protective keratin barrier is compromised. Repair the protective barrier of your hair a day before Holi by deep conditioning it. To protect the cuticle, oil your hair with pure oil as per your scalp and hair type a day before Holi. On Holi day, oil your hair again (baby oil works as well) as this forms a protective layer on the cuticle. You can even use a leave-in conditioner before oiling for better sun protection. Cover your hair with a stylish scarf or a bandana for added protection.

Stop Abrasive Treatments: Avoid bleach, chemical peels, lasers, and treatments that cause skin resurfacing before Holi to prevent skin from getting more prone to sun and color damage. Do not use retinol or acids such as glycolic acid before and after Holi.

Prep Your Skin: Strengthen your skin’s barrier by using a DIY or a hydrating face mask and a barrier cream a day before Holi. On the day of Holi, use a barrier-building hydrating cream (such as one with ceramides and niacinamide) followed by sunscreen. Once absorbed, top it with a light oil to easily remove colors later. Do not wash your face on the day of Holi to let the natural oils secreted overnight act as a natural barrier.

Skip the Hot Shower: Many colors are oil and fat-soluble and will only get stronger when mixed with water. Let the colors dry out and dust the extra off. Spread a light layer of oil all over your body and hair, and let it sit for 10 minutes to remove most colors easily. Do not use abrasive scrubs, hot water, or lemon, which will mess with your skin’s pH balance. Do not try to take off all colors in case of severe stains. Post-shower, apply a moisturizer generously.

Clean Your Scalp: Oiling your hair helps to avoid color stains, but if your scalp still has some color, use an oil-based micellar water to gently remove it. Do not over-cleanse or use harsh sulfate-based shampoos. If there are still traces of color, oil your hair and leave it overnight and wash it the next day. Do not blow dry or go for cysteine or keratin treatments for a week, as your hair might get damaged by sun, colors, and water exposure.

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