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13 looks that did more at the premiere of ‘Barbie’ – UnlistedNews

If only Susan Sontag were alive today to rewrite her famous “Notes on ‘Camp’,” she might have had a field day at the “Barbie” movie premiere at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday night. night (and, for all we know, she may have even been cast in the movie; it seems like every other person on Earth appeared in the trailer). If the movie’s message is that we are all Barbie and Barbie is all of us, the pink carpet did a good job of reinforcing that message (at least that’s what the cryptic trailers imply, but we’re not sure, as there haven’t been made available filters).

Would Ms. Sontag have found the event serious enough? Many of the attendees paid homage to the color palette and smoothness of the plastic icon’s skin, but that’s par for the course in Hollywood. Certainly Mattel must have been pleased with the brand’s carnival.

After a cavalcade of YouTube personalities and influencers like David Dobrik, stars like Greta Gerwig and Issa Rae arrived decked out in head-to-toe pink. Cast members like Helen Mirren and Will Ferrell didn’t make an appearance on the carpet, too bad, as Mr. Ferrell sure would have looked great dressed as Barbie. Poor me.

Classic, “Barbie Tingz,” as Ms. Minaj well knows, includes blonde hair that lasts forever.

The director and co-writer simply had to wear Valentino to be totally on trend for her own premiere. Easy!

A shimmering, almost nude dress made attendees momentarily forget why they were there.

Giant shoes, shorts and a bright red tie. It’s like Barbie and Mr. Potato Head have a child. The Hasbro-Mattel crossover no one saw coming.

A tank top and skirt set the tone for the pink color palette.

A keyhole cut on a floor-length dress: elegant and daring.

Her baby blue outfit included straps around her chest. Is it a passport holder or a deconstructed vest? Either way, he’s ready.

The actress brought a touch of class and sparkle.

The sister band appeared in coordinating dresses with strategically placed circular cutouts.

The professional wrestler and actress brought her championship belt to the film. Like a Barbie would.

No rose, no bullshit, just pure confidence.

This woman has probably been mistaken for Barbie in real life. We like that she wore all black to the premiere, giving her a bit of an edge in a sea of ​​bubblegum.

At first, Mr. Gosling seemed like an out-of-character choice to play Ken. But he’s doing a great job playing the part.


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