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“15-Foot-Long King Cobra Rescued from Underneath a Car by Skilled Snake Catcher”

Watch: 15-Foot-Long King Cobra Hides Under A Car, Snake Catcher Skillfully Rescues It

Encountering a snake can be a startling experience, especially since these slithery reptiles can hide in the most inconspicuous places. As the rainy season approaches, snakes tend to appear in unexpected and unusual locations. Recently, Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer who frequently shares fascinating wildlife content, uploaded a terrifying video of a king cobra being rescued from beneath a car.

“King cobras are crucial to maintaining ecological balance in nature. Here is one that is almost 15 feet long rescued and released into the wild. The entire operation was conducted by expert snake catchers. Please do not attempt this on your own. With the onset of rain, snakes can be found in all sorts of places,” Mr. Nanda stated in his video post.

In the video, a professional snake catcher was seen capturing the 15-foot-long king cobra utilizing a pointed pole. He then skillfully maneuvered the massive cobra into a long bag for transport. As per Mr. Nanda’s caption, the snake was eventually released into the forest.

The Twitter video received widespread attention, with countless users applauding the snake catcher’s skill and experience.

One user praised the video as “Great,” adding, “I have seen venom collection in snake park of Tamilnadu and watched their expertise.” Another commenter stated, “Good to see the rescue and release efforts. Warmth lures them to venture!”

A third individual remarked, “These magnificent animals are India’s pride. They are extensively and cruelly abused by humans. Their survival is in danger because of human activities. The snakes must be protected and preserved.” Finally, a fourth person stated, “Observe how adeptly he handles the massive serpent.”

King cobras, according to National Geographic, have the ability to “stand up” and look an adult in the eye. These snakes can deliver a substantial amount of neurotoxin in a single bite, which is lethal enough to kill 20 people.

In conclusion, snakes should always be handled and dealt with by experienced individuals, as venomous snakes like the king cobra can be incredibly hazardous to catch and transport. It is also essential to understand the importance of ecological balance in nature and to take necessary measures to protect and preserve all animals, including snakes like king cobras.

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