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A University Fired 2 Employees for Including Their Pronouns in Emails

Houghton University recently fired two employees after they included their pronouns in official email signatures. This news has sparked outrage and debate about inclusivity and discrimination in the workplace.

The terminated employees, both non-binary individuals, had included their preferred pronouns (“they/them”) in their email signatures to convey their gender identity. However, the university claims that this violated their institution’s policies on email format and branding guidelines.

Many people are skeptical of this justification, however, arguing that the university’s decision was discriminatory and harmful to the individuals involved and the larger LGBTQ+ community. Others argue that the university was justified in enforcing its policies, regardless of political or cultural beliefs.

This issue is part of a larger conversation around the respectful and inclusive treatment of people of all gender identities and expressions. Whether or not one agrees with the policies, it is important to recognize that these issues are relevant and important to many people and can have significant effects on their life experiences.

The incident highlights the need for clear and understanding policies and guidelines around inclusivity and gender expression in the workplace. It is important for institutions and organizations to create safe and welcoming environments for employees of all genders and gender expressions.

In light of this controversy, it is important to remember that we should all treat others with respect and kindness, no matter their identity. We must work towards a more inclusive and understanding society, where discrimination and marginalization are never tolerated, no matter the context or justification.

It is also important to note that one’s gender identity is a deeply personal and fundamental aspect of one’s identity. By failing to respect that identity, we run the risk of causing harm and perpetuating discrimination and inequality.

In conclusion, while this incident may have been controversial and divisive, it is also an opportunity for learning and growth. We must continue to work towards creating more inclusive and understanding environments for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or expression. By doing so, we can build a more just and equitable society where everyone is valued and respected.


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