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“Amazing Rescue: Bengaluru Cat Saved from Mobile Tower, Viral Video”

Cat Rescued From Top Of Mobile Tower In Bengaluru, Video Goes Viral

A cat that was stranded on the top of a phone tower in Bengaluru has been rescued after a two-day long operation. The rescue team consisted of personnel from the fire department, police, and the telecom tower department. The mission required expertise, patience, and perseverance to rescue the cat.

The cat had climbed to the top of the 30m (100ft) mobile tower and was trapped for over 48 hours. People in the nearby areas had noticed the feline’s precarious situation and had alerted the authorities. The rescue team arrived with a cherry picker, but the cat would not allow the rescuers to come close to it. The animal was too scared and was hiding on a narrow metal ramp that was narrowing to the top of the tower.

The rescue team had to first understand the cat’s behaviour so that they can approach her and make the rescue operation a success. They observed the cat from afar for several hours. It was found that the cat’s mother had been leaving food for it on the roof of an adjacent building, and the cat was using a narrow metal ramp to climb down and eat.

With this observation in place, the rescue team tried to create a similar setup atop the tower, hoping to lure the cat with the scent of its mother’s food. But it did not work, so they had to come up with another plan.

The team set up a trap and left it on the ramp. In the trap, they placed some of the cat’s favourite food and waited patiently. When the cat finally became hungry and went towards the trap, the rescuers acted quickly, triggered the trap and caught the cat.

After being rescued, the cat was examined by veterinarians and found to be in good health. It was later taken to a nearby shelter and released. A video of the rescue operation went viral on social media, with many people applauding the rescue team’s effort to save the feline.

The incident serves as a reminder to pet owners to keep a close watch on their pets so that they do not get into sticky situations. It also highlights the importance of animal rescue teams and their dedicated work in helping animals in need.

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