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“Blogger’s Unconventional Beauty Hack: Adding Chilli Flakes to Lip Gloss – Watch Now!”

Watch: Blogger Mixes Chilli Flakes With Lip Gloss In Bizarre Beauty Hack, Internet Baffled

A video of a beauty blogger mixing chilli flakes with lip gloss has gone viral on social media. The video has left the internet divided, with some curious to try the hack while others are calling it “crazy” and “insane”.

The beauty blogger in question is Lizzie Loves, who shared the video on her Instagram page. In the video, Lizzie can be seen mixing red chilli flakes with clear lip gloss and then applying it on her lips. The result is supposed to be a plumper pout and a light natural tint.

However, the internet has been quick to point out the potential dangers of this beauty hack. For starters, chilli flakes are known to be quite harsh on the skin and mucous membranes, causing irritation and burning sensations. Applying them on the lips can lead to redness, swelling, and discomfort.

Furthermore, the hack is not recommended for those with sensitive skin or allergies to chilli pepper. It can even lead to an allergic reaction, causing rashes, hives, and difficulty breathing.

Despite the risks, some beauty enthusiasts are still intrigued by the idea of spicing up their makeup routine. It’s not the first time that unconventional ingredients have been used in beauty hacks, as people have previously tried using coffee grounds, activated charcoal, and even wasabi in their skincare and makeup.

The trend of DIY beauty has gained popularity in recent years, as people are looking for affordable and natural alternatives to expensive cosmetic products. However, it’s important to be careful and do a patch test before trying any new beauty hack, especially if it involves potent ingredients like chilli flakes.

In conclusion, while the chilli flakes and lip gloss hack may seem like a fun and creative idea, it is important to consider the potential risks and consequences. Always prioritize your safety and health over any trend or fad.

Will you be trying this beauty hack? Let us know in the comments below!

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