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Greece Says It Doesn’t Ditch Migrants at Sea. It Was Caught in the Act. – UnlistedNews

Greece Claims It Does Not Abandon Migrants at Sea, But Evidence Suggests Otherwise

Greece, a country located in Southern Europe, has been under suspicion for abandoning migrants at sea for several years. Despite denying such allegations, Greece’s practice of “pushbacks” is being questioned after several instances of migrant boats being abandoned at sea by Greek authorities have come to light.

The latest evidence comes from footage captured by a drone and analyzed by The New York Times. The footage showcases Greek Coast Guard vessels towing migrants out to sea and dumping them on rafts before leaving them stranded without any means of support. These incidents, along with others like it, paint a disturbing picture of Greece’s treatment of migrants and raise questions about the legality of their actions.

The Greek government, however, has defended its actions, stating that they are committed to protecting their borders. They argue that their actions are necessary to prevent illegal migration and protect Greek citizens. However, these claims have been challenged by human rights organizations, which argue that Greece is violating international law by abandoning migrants at sea.

The video evidence has reignited the debate surrounding Greece’s actions, with many calling for action to be taken against the country. The European Commission has launched an investigation into Greece’s treatment of migrants, and human rights organizations are calling for more accountability.

This is not the first time Greece has faced criticism for its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. In 2020, the country was accused of using illegal tactics, including pushbacks, to stop migrants from entering the country. These allegations were supported by the United Nations and other human rights organizations.

Pushbacks, as the name suggests, involve forcibly pushing back migrants who are trying to cross the border into Greece. This practice is illegal, as it violates the principle of non-refoulement, which prohibits refugee returns that could expose them to the risk of persecution or harm.

Despite these allegations, Greece has continued to deny any wrongdoing and has resisted calls for an independent investigation. The situation has escalated to the point where the United Nations and other human rights organizations have been forced to take legal action against Greece.

The issue of migration has become increasingly divisive in Europe, with many countries adopting a hardline approach to immigration. While there are legitimate concerns about the impact of migration on societies, the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers must be governed by international law and ethical principles. The practice of pushbacks and abandoning migrants at sea is unacceptable, and Greece must be held accountable for its actions.

In conclusion, Greece’s treatment of migrants has been a cause for concern for many years, and recent evidence suggests that the situation may be worse than previously thought. The government’s use of pushbacks and abandonment at sea is unacceptable and violates international law. It is time for Greece to take responsibility for its actions and put an end to these illegal practices. If we are to maintain a just and compassionate society, we must hold those in power accountable for their actions and ensure that all people are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances.


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