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He Freed an Innocent Man From Prison. It Ruined His Life.

Jay Salpeter was just an ordinary citizen going about his day in 2007 when he saw something that would change the course of his life forever. He was watching the news when he heard about the Martin Tankleff case – a man who had been in prison for nearly 20 years for a murder he did not commit.

Salpeter felt compelled to do something to help, especially after learning that Tankleff was just 17 years old when he was arrested and that his confession was coerced by detectives. He began to research the case, poring over court transcripts and police reports, and eventually became convinced of Tankleff’s innocence.

With the help of a private investigator, Salpeter began to gather evidence and build a case for Tankleff’s exoneration. He even went so far as to visit the crime scene himself, taking photographs and measurements that he hoped would prove Tankleff’s innocence.

Finally, in 2008, Salpeter’s hard work paid off. Thanks in part to the evidence he had gathered, Tankleff was granted a new trial, and in 2014, he was fully exonerated of the murder charges.

But for Salpeter, the victory was bittersweet. Though he had helped to free an innocent man, the toll on his own life had been immense. He had spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on the case, even quitting his job at one point to focus on Tankleff’s defense full-time.

Moreover, the stress of the case had taken a toll on his own health and relationships. Salpeter had suffered from depression and anxiety as a result of the relentless pursuit of justice, and his marriage had fallen apart in the process.

Despite the personal cost, Salpeter says he doesn’t regret his decision to help Tankleff. “I believe in fighting for what’s right, even if it’s difficult or unpopular,” he said in a recent interview. “And I know that Martin Tankleff is a good man who deserved to be free. I’m just grateful I was able to help make that happen.”


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