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“Intense Elephant Showdown: Viral Video of Ferocious Battle Goes Viral”

”Clash Of Titans”: Video Of Two Elephants Ferociously Fighting Each Other Stuns Internet

The internet was left stunned after an Indian Forest Service officer, Saket Badola, shared a video of two elephants engaging in a fierce fight. The video was aptly captioned ”Clash of Titans.” In the video, the two elephants are seen pushing each other and fighting with their large tusks to overpower each other, while a moving vehicle recorded the scene.

Though elephants are gentle giants that are widely regarded as adorable and fun-loving creatures, they are known to show their aggressive side once in a while. They are intelligent animals that have cognitive abilities that allow them to understand and experience a wide range of emotions.

The video has gone viral, with over 31,000 views, 435 likes, and more than 65 retweets since it was shared. While some viewers were left awed by the majestic but terrifying scene, others wondered why the two tuskers were fighting.

One social media user commented, ”Full marks to the photographer, amazing courage.” Another wrote, ”When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers and the bush that feels it.” Meanwhile, a third stated, ”They too fight with each other.. Ohhh God!” A fourth person asked, ”What would they fight about.”

Recently, another Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, Parveen Kaswan, shared a heartwarming video of two baby elephants play-fighting with each other.

Although elephants’ aggression towards each other is rare, fights usually occur when two bulls compete for dominance over a herd of females or with each other. Their size and strength make any altercation between them a display of power as they push and shove in a jostling match, primarily using their tusks.

As elephants are social creatures, researchers suggest that a misunderstanding or miscommunication could also lead to a fight. Elephants communicate through a variety of ways, including vocalizations, visual signals, touch, and body postures, and sometimes, humans may misinterpret their communication signals, which could lead to an altercation.

In conclusion, while elephants are heralded for their gentle nature, they are capable of becoming formidable opponents when provoked. The sight of two elephants engaged in a fierce fight is a rare spectacle that captures the raw and untamed side of these majestic animals.

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