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“Not Bothered Party” at British Pub: An “Antidote to Monarchy Madness” During King Charles’ Coronation

King Charles’ Coronation: British Pub Hosts ‘Not Bothered Party’ As An ‘Antidote To Monarchy Madness’

The coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla is taking place today at Westminster Abbey. While many people around the world are excited about the momentous event, one pub in Cambridge, England is unimpressed by all the hype. The Sir Isaac Newton Pub is hosting a “not bothered” coronation party on Saturday as a “respectful antidote to monarchy madness.”

Shelley Turner, assistant manager of the pub, explained that the staff wanted to “do something a little bit different” to commemorate the coronation event. “We noticed that everyone was kind of doing the same thing for the coronation, and after speaking to customers, some of them would say, ‘Oh, I’m not that bothered. Not everyone’s so excited about the monarchy, so let’s give the rebels a bit of a party as well,” Turner said.

The pub staff put up “happy generic evening” bunting and even erected a cardboard cut-out of Sir David Attenborough because “he really should be king.” The Sir Isaac Newton Pub wanted to provide an alternative celebration to the coronation for those who aren’t keen on the monarchy.

Meanwhile, King Charles III becomes the 40th British monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday, surrounded by heavy symbolism of his many passions, including a drive towards more sustainable living, a multi-faith outlook, and a great love for India and the wider Commonwealth. While he ascended to the throne immediately after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last September, he will be officially crowned King when the Archbishop of Canterbury concludes the religious ceremony by inviting the 2,200-strong congregation and millions watching worldwide to swear allegiance to the new British sovereign.

At the end of the service, King Charles III will receive a spoken greeting delivered in unison by representatives from five major religions: Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Buddhist, and Jewish communities.

In conclusion, while many celebrate the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla, some people are not as enthusiastic about the monarchy. The Sir Isaac Newton Pub in Cambridge provides an alternative celebration for those who are “not bothered” but still want to have fun. Regardless of one’s personal feelings towards the monarchy, the coronation is a significant moment in British history.

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