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Opinion: What Christian Nationalism is Doing to Wyoming and How it’s Affecting My Faith

In recent years, the rise of Christian nationalism has become a hotly debated topic in politics, with many pointing out its dangerous implications for democracy. This is especially true in my home state of Wyoming, where its influence has been felt strongly. As a Christian, I find the alignment of my faith with political agendas to be troubling, and I believe that it’s time to speak out against the negative impact of Christian nationalism on both our state and our faith.

The effects of Christian nationalism in Wyoming are particularly visible in the state’s Republican party, which has become increasingly vocal in its alignment with religious conservatism. This has been reflected in their policies, from restrictions on women’s reproductive rights to discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Such policies are often wrapped in religious rhetoric, with politicians invoking Biblical teachings and values to justify their actions. This blurring of the lines between religious beliefs and political agendas is a hallmark of Christian nationalism, and it can have damaging consequences for our democracy.

Even more troubling is the way in which Christian nationalism has infiltrated Wyoming’s faith communities. As a Christian, I believe that our faith should inform our values and actions, but it should not be co-opted by political movements. Unfortunately, I have witnessed a growing trend of churches and religious leaders aligning themselves with the Republican party and its conservative agenda. This has led to a narrow, exclusionary version of Christianity that ignores the loving, inclusive teachings of Jesus in favor of a divisive, politically-motivated message.

As someone who has spent my entire life in Wyoming, I have seen the damage that this kind of rhetoric can do. It has created a climate of fear and intolerance, where those who do not fit into the mold of Christian nationalism are treated as outsiders. This is not the Wyoming that I know and love, and it’s not the Christianity that I believe in. Instead of embracing the diversity of our state and our faith, Christian nationalists seek to stamp out anything that doesn’t conform to their narrow worldview.

But it’s not just the negative impact on democracy and our state that concerns me. As a Christian, I am deeply troubled by the way in which Christian nationalism is twisting the teachings of Jesus. Rather than promoting love, compassion, and kindness towards all, Christian nationalists are promoting a message of exclusion, fear, and judgment. This is not the Christianity that I believe in, and it’s not the message that Jesus taught. Instead, it’s a dangerous distortion of our faith that puts politics over people and values power over love.

As a state and a nation, we must take a stand against the damaging effects of Christian nationalism. We must recognize that our faith should inform our values, but it should not be used as a tool for political gain. We must reject the exclusionary and divisive message of Christian nationalism and embrace a Christianity that is loving, inclusive, and compassionate towards all people. Only then can we truly live up to the ideals of democracy and our shared faith.


Sara Marcus
Sara Marcushttps://unlistednews.com
Meet Sara Marcus, our newest addition to the Unlisted News team! Sara is a talented author and cultural critic, whose work has appeared in a variety of publications. Sara's writing style is characterized by its incisiveness and thought-provoking nature, and her insightful commentary on music, politics, and social justice is sure to captivate our readers. We are thrilled to have her join our team and look forward to sharing her work with our readers.


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