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Whiplash Day of Debt Limit Talks Ends Without a Breakthrough – UnlistedNews

Whiplash Day of Debt Limit Talks Ends Without a Breakthrough

High-Stakes Debt Limit Talks Led by GOP Senator

Republican Senator Rob Portman led a high-stakes round of talks on Thursday with the Biden administration over raising the legal limit on the government’s debt. The discussions, which took place over several hours, failed to produce a breakthrough, leaving policymakers scrambling to find a solution before the deadline.

Debt Default Looms as Deadline Approaches

The talks came amid rising concerns about the approaching deadline for an increase in the debt limit. The US government has until the end of the month to raise the limit or risk defaulting on its obligations, which could have catastrophic consequences for the economy.

Political Showdown Over the Debt Limit

The debt limit has been a political flashpoint in recent years, with Republicans using it as leverage to try to extract concessions from the Democrats. This year is no different, with GOP lawmakers insisting that Democrats agree to spending cuts or other measures to rein in the government’s debt before they will vote to raise the limit.

What Happens If the Debt Limit Is Not Raised?

If the government were to default, it could trigger a financial crisis as investors flee US debt and markets tumble. It could also lead to a government shutdown, as federal agencies would be unable to pay their bills. In addition, it could damage the country’s credit rating, making it more expensive and difficult for the government to borrow money in the future.

What Comes Next in the Debt Limit Debate

With time running out, policymakers are under increasing pressure to find a solution. Democrats have proposed a “clean” debt limit increase that would not be tied to any spending cuts or other measures. Republicans have rejected that approach, arguing that it does not address the underlying problem of the government’s debt.


As the clock ticks down, the stakes get higher. The debt limit debate is the latest example of the bitter political divide that has paralyzed Washington in recent years. Both sides are dug in, raising the possibility of a catastrophic default that would have far-reaching consequences for the US economy and the country’s standing in the world. The question remains whether policymakers can put aside their differences and find a way to raise the debt limit before it’s too late.


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