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Woman’s Request to Change Background of Her Picture on Twitter Turns into a Hilarious Meme

Internet Users Exhibit Their Artistic Talents

Posting images on social media and asking friends and followers to edit or remove the background for better results has become a common practice. Users often get amusing responses, with some getting well-edited versions of their original images, satisfying the user’s original request.

A similar incident occurred on Twitter when user Jenny (@Jens_180) asked her followers to modify her photo’s background. What happened next was hilarious, with people leaving hilarious and amazing comments in response.

One user edited the picture and gave her a pair of wings, making her look like an angel. Another user placed her in outer space standing on the moon, taking selfies.

The post has turned into a meme riot, with several intriguing and delightfully modified photographs that are absolutely funny to look at. The message with the photographs is also going viral and getting lots of views.

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