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“Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma Announces UCC Implementation in the Country”

Assam Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma has confirmed that the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) will be implemented throughout the country. Biswa stated that the UCC will come into effect soon and it will be the same for all citizens of this country, irrespective of caste or religion. This is a move towards “one nation, one law” and will promote social harmony among people from different religions and cultures.

The announcement was made by the Assam CM on Sunday during a press briefing. The UCC is a proposal to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of various religious communities in India with a uniform set of laws governing every citizen of the country, irrespective of their religion.

The UCC aims to bring all personal laws under a single umbrella and ensure gender and social justice for all citizens. The Hindu Code Bill, 1956 was the first step towards adopting a Uniform Civil Code which dealt with matters such as marriage, property and succession. However, at present, Hindu personal law co-exists with Muslim personal law, the latter being the subject of constitutional debate and political controversy.

The Assam Chief Minister confirmed that the implementation of the UCC will provide equal rights to all citizens of the country irrespective of their religious beliefs and identities. He also added that the implementation of the UCC is a long-standing demand of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The BJP had promised the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code in its 2014 and 2019 election manifestos.

The implementation of this Code has been a contentious issue as it touches upon the religious beliefs of the people in the country. However, Sarma maintained that the only motive of this Code is to ensure that every citizen of the country gets social and gender justice.

Various legal experts and scholars have been advocating for the implementation of the UCC for long now. The Code’s implementation will bring gender justice and change in the existing social structure of India which has long been out-dated. Women have been facing the brunt of personal laws. Implementation of the UCC will provide a platform, which can uphold the principle of gender equality and non-discrimination towards the masses.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has been critical of the UCC since its very proposition. Several Muslim groups have expressed their dissent with the central government’s stance on the UCC which they argue is a disrespect to people’s faith, tradition and culture.

In conclusion, the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code throughout the country will be a huge achievement, as it aims to provide equal rights to all its citizens irrespective of their religious affiliations. It will be a significant step towards modernising the legal system and providing gender justice. However, it is also crucial to ensure the participation of all religious and cultural communities in drafting the Code so that it can be an inclusive and acceptable law for all.

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