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Biden Sees Coming ‘Thaw’ With China, Even as He Rallies Allies Against Beijing – UnlistedNews

Biden Expects Improvements in US-China Relations Despite Rallying Allies Against Beijing

US President Joe Biden has expressed hope for a potential thaw in the relationship between the United States and China, even as he seeks to rally US allies to adopt a more united front against Beijing. The President’s stance on China was discussed at length during the G7 Summit held in London, which was attended by several world leaders.

Despite the recent strain in US-China relations, Biden’s administration has made it clear that it is open to engaging with China on diplomatic issues. Biden’s stance on China is significant given the tensions between the two countries over issues such as trade, human rights, and the ongoing pandemic.

Biden’s willingness to engage with China comes at a time when the country is increasingly seen as a major global player. The US and its allies have struggled to contain China’s influence over the past few years. Despite the challenges posed by China’s ascent, many experts believe that engaging with China is essential for maintaining global stability.

Although the United States and China have had a tumultuous relationship in recent years, there have been signs of potential improvement in their relationship. Biden has already taken steps to roll back some of the more aggressive policies adopted by his predecessor Donald Trump towards China.

During the G7 Summit, Biden sought to rally US allies against China, while also expressing optimism about the prospects of a more positive relationship between the two countries. Biden’s approach to China has been praised by members of both parties, who have noted that his willingness to engage with China is essential for maintaining global stability.

The President’s remarks come at a time when tensions between the US and China have been mounting. The two countries have been at odds over a wide range of issues, including trade, the ongoing pandemic, and human rights. Many experts have called for the US to adopt a more collaborative approach towards China in order to address these issues.

Biden’s approach to China has been shaped by his long-standing experience in foreign policy. He has been praised for his ability to engage with foreign leaders and his willingness to prioritize diplomacy over military action. As the world continues to grapple with the challenges posed by China’s ascent, Biden’s approach is likely to play a critical role in shaping US foreign policy towards China.

In conclusion, the G7 Summit provided a platform for world leaders to discuss critical issues facing the world, including the relationship between the US and China. While Biden has taken a more cautious approach towards China than President Trump, he has made it clear that he remains open to engaging with the country on diplomatic issues. As US-China relations continue to evolve, it is clear that Biden’s approach to China will be closely watched by both allies and adversaries alike.


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