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“Can Tucker Carlson Make a Comeback on Fox News Before 2025?”

Tucker Carlson Wants to Return to TV Before 2025. Will Fox Let Him?

As news broke that Tucker Carlson had parted ways with Fox News, the right-wing media landscape started buzzing with speculations about his next move. Standing out as a prominent opinion shaper and power broker in the Republican Party, Carlson might prove to be a huge asset to conservative media companies that have established themselves as alternatives to the mainstream press and Fox News, the right-wing media giant.

Sources suggest that Rumble, a right-wing media company based in Canada, is the likely alternative for Carlson. Meanwhile, Newsmax and One America News, the conservative TV networks, as well as Daily Wire, the media startup co-founded by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, are apparently interested in sealing the deal with the famous pundit.

While Fox News announced it is rotating hosts for the foreseeable future under the “Fox News Tonight” banner, such as Brian Kilmeade and Lawrence Jones, Carlson’s abrupt departure gave room to speculation about the future of his hour-long time-slot on the network. The new hosts haven’t quite resonated with the audience like Carlson did, as Fox’s viewership during that time-slot declined, falling behind both MSNCB and CNN some evenings for viewers in the coveted adult 25-54 demographic.

However, for Carlson, this isn’t just about a paycheck, said media expert and CEO of Influencer Talent Agency, Ryan Lee. The longer a TV personality stays off the air, the less relevant they become, hurting their earning potential and their overall career. Hence, Carlson might be on the hunt for a new spot before 2025 hits and it becomes harder to jump back on the airwaves.

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