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“Centre’s Transfer of Bureaucrats Unconstitutional, Says AAP: Delhi Govt’s Power at Risk”

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has strongly criticized the Centre’s recent ordinance aimed at giving more power to the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi in matters pertaining to the civil services. AAP has termed the ordinance unconstitutional and a blatant attempt to usurp the powers of the democratically elected government of Delhi.

The ordinance in question amends the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) Act of 1991, which had been passed by Parliament to grant special status to Delhi and provide for its administration. The latest amendment seeks to give the LG more powers over the Delhi bureaucracy, including the power to transfer officials.

This has the potential to cause significant friction between the Delhi government and the LG, who is appointed by the Central government. The AAP has argued that the GNCTD Act and the Constitution of India do not allow the Centre to violate the principles of federalism and encroach upon the powers of an elected state government.

The LG has already been at odds with the Delhi government in the past, with the AAP accusing him of obstructing its policy initiatives and trying to create roadblocks in the functioning of the government. The latest move is seen as an attempt to further curtail the powers of the Delhi government and centralize authority in the hands of the LG.

The AAP has also argued that the Centre’s move is undemocratic and goes against the spirit of the Constitution. It has called for a re-examination of the ordinance and a broader discussion on the federal structure of the country.

The Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has also expressed his disappointment with the Centre’s move. In a tweet, he said that the ordinance was a “huge disappointment for the people of Delhi” and that it was an attempt to “humiliate democracy and the people of Delhi”. He has urged the Central government to withdraw the ordinance and has promised to fight it tooth and nail.

AAP leaders have also alleged that the Centre is using the bureaucracy to create obstacles for the Delhi government and to undermine its policies. They have accused the LG of being a puppet of the Centre and of acting in a partisan manner. The LG, on the other hand, has maintained that he is only doing his duty and upholding the Constitution.

The latest controversy over the LG’s powers is just one of the many issues that have plagued the relationship between the Delhi government and the Centre. The AAP has always maintained that it has been given a raw deal by the Centre and that it has been deliberately targeted for political reasons.

The ordinance has sparked protests in Delhi, with opposition parties joining the AAP in criticizing the Centre’s move. The Congress party has called the ordinance a “desperate attempt” by the BJP-led Central government to control the Delhi government. The Left parties have also condemned the ordinance and have demanded its immediate withdrawal.

In conclusion, the Centre’s recent ordinance aimed at giving more powers to the LG of Delhi in matters pertaining to the civil services has come under sharp criticism from the AAP and other opposition parties. The AAP has termed the ordinance unconstitutional and undemocratic and has called for its withdrawal. The controversy is yet another example of the complex relationship between the Delhi government and the Centre and underscores the need for a more collaborative and cooperative approach to governance.

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