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Coast Guard ends post-9/11 anti-terror patrols in Guantanamo Bay – UnlistedNews

The US Coast Guard ended its anti-terrorism patrols in the waters around Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, ending a special security operation that was brought in to the remote outpost after the 9/11 attacks.

crews in special speedboats equipped with M2 heavy machine guns, they patrolled the shoreline near the prison complex for 21 years as part of detention operations at the base. Coast Guard members also served as courtroom security guards at military commission hearings and staffed seaside bunkers with sandbags what the military called “battle positions”.

The recent move is the latest reduction in the forces assigned to the detention operation, which held 780 detainees between 2002 and 2008, all brought in by the George W. Bush administration. The number has been reduced to 30 prisoners from 40 at the start of the Biden administration.

The army had already reduced prison staff to some 1,000 soldiers and civilians by closing a Camp 7, where high-value detainees were held, and withdrawing a public affairs unit.

The withdrawal of the Coast Guard unit is likely to save money in what has been an expensive undertaking in the war on terror. In 2019, the operation cost more than $13 million per prisoner per year.

in a report to congressthe Department of Homeland Security said it spent more than $50 million in 2021 to deploy and maintain 180 Coast Guardsmen at Guantanamo Bay.

The decision is also likely to signal an intelligence assessment that fears of al Qaeda or other enemies attacking the base from the sea have subsided.

The Department of Defense sent the first Coast Guard port security unit to Guantanamo in January 2002, before the first detainees arrived.

Thirty-nine US-based Coast Guard or Coast Guard Reserve security units deployed in succession to the detaining operation, beginning and ending with the detaining operation. virginian Unity, which closed the military mission this week.

Special teams, with gunners equipped with .50-caliber machine guns, were a constant security presence in the bay as US forces transported detainees from the base’s airstrip to the prison.

Detention operation commanders have said over the years that no enemy forces were ever encountered, though units did occasionally intercept would-be immigrants approaching the base.

The Coast Guard said in a Press release that the port patrol and the Navy security forces at the base would be in charge of “anti-terrorist force protection” tasks. These units do not work for the detention operation, but instead report to the commander of the Navy base.

The Coast Guard made the announcement this week as hearings resumed at Guantanamo in a death penalty case against a Saudi prisoner accused of orchestrating al Qaeda’s suicide bomb attack on the USS Cole warship off the coast of Yemen. on October 12, 2000. Seventeen sailors died.

This month, the military will install its 22nd commander of the Guantánamo detention mission. A army colonel he will take command after two decades of command as one- and two-star generals or admirals.


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