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“Ex-Home Minister Reddy Challenges Congress Promise on Banning Bajrang Dal in Karnataka Elections”

State Govt Can’t Ban Bajrang Dal But It Can…’: Ex-Home Minister Reddy on Cong Promise in Karnataka Elections

In the run-up to the Karnataka assembly elections in 2023, the Congress party released its manifesto stating a possible ban on Bajrang Dal, similar to the ban on Popular Front of India, which was banned by the Union Home Ministry in September last year. Responding to the Congress’ manifesto, the former home minister and current working president of Karnataka Congress, Ramalinga Reddy, made a statement to News18 clarifying that the Karnataka state government does not have the power to ban any organization but can send a recommendation to the Centre. Reddy also mentioned that if the Congress comes to power, they can make a case for a ban on Bajrang Dal and put it on record.

Reddy further stated that Bajrang Dal is a dominant force in Dakshina Kannada and is involved in hate crime incidents in the region. The Congress party has prepared reports and cases against Bajrang Dal members who were responsible for killing at least eight to nine SDPI members in the region, and similarly, PFI members were also accused of killing over half a dozen Bajrang Dal members. The conflict between the two groups has caused a religious divide in the region.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacted to the Congress’ manifesto and said that the grand old party “wants to lock up Bahrangbali.” Modi also chanted “Bajrangbali ki Jai” at a public meeting in Dakshina Kannada.

The problem of hate crime and communal clashes has been a long-standing issue in Dakshina Kannada, with the Karnataka Police recording 32 murders and 76 incidents of rioting between 2019 and 2021. Most of these incidents were communal in nature. The BJP is believed to be a dominant force in the region, winning 17 out of the 19 seats in coastal Karnataka, which includes Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, and Uttara Kannada in the 2018 Karnataka Assembly elections.

It is important to note that the state government does not hold the power to ban any organization or issue any restraining order. However, if the Congress comes to power, they can send a recommendation to the Centre and put it on record. In summary, the Congress’ manifesto mentioning a possible ban on Bajrang Dal is a warning to the organization to play by the rulebook, and if there are any violations, a recommendation can be sent to the Centre.

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