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“Examining the Reality of Succession’s Hellscape Election Scenario”

Succession provided us with an absolute hellscape election scenario. How real was it?

HBO’s Succession is a television series that explores the inner workings of a wealthy and dysfunctional family battling for control over a global media empire. The show has been praised for its sharp writing, character development, and bleakly humorous depiction of family dysfunction. But the show’s most recent season has drawn particular attention for its depiction of a presidential election that descends into chaos, prompting many viewers to wonder just how realistic such a scenario might be.

The election in question begins with the sudden death of the sitting president, leaving his Vice President, Franklin Montrose, to take the reins. Montrose, played with icy gravitas by Lance Reddick, quickly finds himself contending with a crowded field of primary challengers, including his own son. Meanwhile, the show’s protagonist, Logan Roy, is pulling the strings from behind the scenes, using his vast wealth and media influence to manipulate the election in favor of his preferred candidate.

As the primary campaign heats up, allegations of voter fraud and dirty tricks begin to fly, prompting widespread public protests and calls for a revote. The chaos only intensifies after the general election, when none of the candidates are able to secure the necessary electoral votes to win the presidency outright. This triggers a constitutional crisis, with the election ultimately being decided by a rare and controversial provision known as the “faithless elector” clause.

Given the current political climate in the United States, it’s not hard to understand why viewers might find Succession’s depiction of a contested and chaotic presidential election to be all too plausible. But just how realistic is the show’s portrayal?

To some extent, the answer is “not very.” While many of the specific plot points in Succession’s election storyline may be far-fetched, the underlying dynamics are not entirely without precedent. The show’s portrayal of wealthy elites wielding outsized influence over the political process is certainly relevant in today’s era of Citizens United and Super PACs. And the potential for allegations of voter fraud and other misdeeds to tear apart an already divided country is a very real concern in today’s polarized political climate.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Succession is still a work of fiction, and as such is subject to its own internal logic and constraints. Some of the show’s more extreme plot twists may be the result of creative license, rather than any particular insight into the realities of modern American politics. But even if the specifics of Succession’s presidential election may be over the top, the show’s broader commentary on the corrupting influence of money in politics and the potential for constitutional crisis in the event of a contested election are certainly worth considering.

Ultimately, whether or not you find Succession’s depiction of a chaotic and contested presidential election to be plausible or not may depend on your own political views and level of cynicism about the political process. But even if the show’s portrayal is somewhat far-fetched, it certainly serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of putting too much power in the hands of wealthy and influential elites, and the potential consequences that can result when the legitimacy of our democratic institutions is called into question.

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