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Former Prosecutor Defends Trump Case in Deposition Amid G.O.P. Scrutiny

In Deposition, Former Prosecutor Refutes GOP Inquiries About Trump Case

Former prosecutor, Daniel R. Pomerantz, testified under oath in a deposition on Thursday, May 12th, 2023, that he was abruptly removed from the investigation into then-President Donald J. Trump’s alleged crimes after he refused to treat the case differently than any other. Pomerantz was previously with the Southern District of New York and was overseeing an inquiry into President Trump’s alleged offenses during his tenure in the White House.

The deposition took place in response to subpoenas from the congressional committee led by Democrats investigating Trump’s actions while in office. Pomerantz’s deposition was closed to the public and his testimony was not immediately released. However, some key information has been leaked to the media.

The GOP members of the congressional committee were reportedly more interested in questioning Pomerantz about the methods and motivations of the investigation than in asking about the actual conduct of Mr. Trump. Pomerantz, however, refuted these questions, stating that the investigation was carried out with the utmost professionalism, impartiality, and dedication, just like any other investigation.

The Republicans also attempted to tarnish Pomerantz’s reputation by suggesting that he was trying to hide the fact that he was never actually involved in the investigation. Pomerantz responded to these claims, saying that he had reviewed much of the evidence accumulated by his team and had even informed other members of the Department of Justice about the developments.

Pomerantz, who is now in private practice, also expressed his deep concerns about the long-term damage to the nation’s legal system and the rule of law if politicians inject political considerations into the impartial administration of justice. He added that his deposition demonstrates that the investigation and his removal were based solely on the facts, as he understood them.

In conclusion, Pomerantz’s deposition reveals that the investigation into then-President Trump was conducted with utmost care and dedication. The Republican attempts to question Pomerantz’s professionalism and encounter were firmly rebuffed, and the deposition affirms that the rule of law remained the sole consideration in the investigation. Ultimately, this deposition serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that accompany the politicization of the justice system, and the imperative to ensure its impartial administration.

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