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Honoring a Military Spouse and Mother: The Story Behind a Military Base’s Renaming

How a Military Base’s New Name Honors a Military Spouse and Mother

Fort Benning, a U.S. military base located in Georgia, has recently undergone a name change in honor of a military spouse and mother. The new name, Fort Moore, is an tribute to Elizabeth P. Moore, a woman who dedicated her life to military service alongside her husband and son.

Elizabeth P. Moore was the wife of Lt. Col. Marvin J. Moore and the mother of Sgt. James W. Moore. She was a pioneering figure in the military community, as she often accompanied her husband on his deployments and also played an active role in her son’s military career.

During the Vietnam War, Elizabeth Moore served as a nurse and became the first military spouse to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for her role in caring for wounded soldiers. She also worked as a teacher for military children and volunteered with various organizations to support military families.

Sgt. James Moore served in the U.S. Army for 20 years and was stationed at Fort Benning for a portion of his career. He also followed in his mother’s footsteps by becoming a nurse and caring for wounded soldiers. James Moore passed away in 2019, and the renaming of Fort Benning to Fort Moore serves as a tribute to his family’s legacy of military service.

The decision to rename Fort Benning to Fort Moore was made by the National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law in January 2023. This legislation requires the renaming of military installations that were named after Confederate leaders or soldiers.

The new name has been well-received by the military community and serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions made by military spouses and families. It also honors the legacy of Elizabeth P. Moore and her dedication to her country and fellow service members.

In conclusion, the renaming of Fort Benning to Fort Moore serves as a powerful tribute to a military spouse and mother who dedicated her life to serving her country and supporting her family’s military careers. This new name is a reminder of the sacrifices made by military families and the important role they play in our nation’s defense.

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