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“Is ‘Second Demonetisation’ a Cover-Up for Previous Mistakes? Kharge Questions Government”

Is ‘Second Demonetisation’ Cover-up of Wrong Decision Made Earlier, Asks Kharge

Senior Congress leader, Mallikarjun Kharge, has asked whether the recent announcement of the ‘second demonetisation’ is a cover-up of the wrong decision taken earlier. The BJP government had previously recalled the high-value currency notes denominations of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 in 2016, which was widely criticized for causing disruption to the Indian economy.

Kharge has further questioned the government’s move, stating that the economy is already struggling under the pandemic, and another demonetisation could severely damage the already fragile economic situation. The second demonetisation attempt has been introduced as a measure to curb black money and corruption in the country. But the Congress leader has emphasized that such an approach could ultimately impact the common people in India who do not have black money.

Kharge has also criticized the government for not taking any effective measures to address the issue of black money since the first demonetisation move. He has emphasized the need for proper planning and execution to tackle such issues instead of taking hasty decisions that can be counterproductive.

The ‘second demonetisation’ announcement has received a mixed response from various sections of society, with some supporting the move while others have expressed their concerns about the impact on the common people.

The Indian economy has been hit hard by the pandemic-induced lockdowns, with millions of people losing their jobs and businesses facing huge losses. The announcement of the second demonetisation move has added to the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the economic situation in India.

In conclusion, it is important for the government to take a well-planned and systematic approach towards tackling issues such as black money and corruption. Hasty decisions such as the demonetisation move in 2016 can have long-lasting negative impacts on the economy and people’s lives. It is essential to prioritize the welfare of the common people and ensure that any measures taken are not detrimental to their well-being.

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