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James Crown, Chicago businessman and avid philanthropist, dies at 70 – UnlistedNews

In 1983, he became a vice president at Salomon, where he met Paula Hannaway, an investment banker. They were married in 1985 and moved to Chicago, where Mr. Crown joined his family’s investment firm.

In addition to his wife and parents, Mr. Crown is survived by two brothers, Steve and Daniel; four sisters, Patricia (known as PC), Susan, Sara, and Janet Crown; three daughters, Torie, Hayley, and Summer Crown; a son, W. Andrew Crown; and two grandchildren.

Mr. Crown, who owned a home in Aspen, was also an avid skier and managing partner of the Aspen Skiing Company, which operates a resort.

The family’s statement did not say what Mr. Crown was doing at Aspen Motorsports Park when the accident occurred. Parks website says members meet twice a week to race, usually a qualifying session followed by two races with “fast-paced wheel-to-wheel action” in “Spec Racer Toyotas.”

The racetrack did not respond to phone calls or an email.

Mr. Crown recently began an effort to address gun violence in Chicago by encouraging city business leaders to create thousands of jobs in underserved areas of the city, providing millions of dollars for civil violence intervention programs and propping up law enforcement and low-income communities. .

He said the effort would help Chicago’s upper class as well as low-income residents.

“You have altruism,” said Mr. Crown The Chicago Sun Times. “But you also have the enlightened self-interest of: I want to be safe, I want my workers to come to work, I want tourists to patronize my business, whatever it is.”

Emily Flitter contributed to this reporting.


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