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Justice Dept. Investigated Clinton Foundation Until Trump’s Final Days – UnlistedNews

Following President Donald Trump’s final years in office, the Justice Department investigated the Clinton Foundation, as per the reports. Despite the fact that after years of inquiry, no allegations of criminal wrongdoing were discovered, the investigation persisted in the final stages of Trump’s presidency. The examination was centered on both the charity’s finances and foreign contributors, which had been under scrutiny since the 2016 presidential election. Here is a brief look at what the investigation entailed and the outcomes that followed.

The Foundation’s Finances under Scrutiny

The Clinton Foundation has been in existence for more than two decades and has raised over 2 billion dollars for their charitable initiatives across the globe. However, it has also caught the attention of some detractors, who have questioned the financial management of the charity.

In 2015, when Hillary Clinton declared her presidential candidacy, critics voiced their fears that foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation may have swayed her position as Secretary of State. Following the accusations, the Justice Department opened an investigation into the foundation’s finances. It lasted several years and included a review of thousands of documents and hundreds of interviews with foundation employees, donors, and government officials.

The FBI Investigation

As the Justice Department investigation lingered in the final days of the Trump administration, the FBI wanted to pursue more aggressive tactics. However, senior officials at the bureau declined permission, unconvinced by the case’s merit. Therefore, potential controversial moves like issuing subpoenas or conducting raids did not happen under the outgoing administration.

Outcome of the Investigation

It is notable that despite reports of the probe’s continuation till the very end, the investigation did not reveal any evidence of criminal activity by the charity or its administration. The Clinton Foundation’s board posted on Twitter in response to the news that its organization was committed to meeting the enduring challenges of poverty, climate change, and health care around the world.


Even though President Trump pressured former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch a fresh investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the investigation did not produce any accusations of misconduct by the charity. Hillary Clinton’s political opponents had long criticized the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising and foreign contributions, and the affair reflected the lingering concerns regarding charitable foundations’ workings and influence on the political and social fronts. Despite the investigation’s conclusion, the controversy surrounding it attracts curiosity and skepticism about the validity of foundation’s operations.


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