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“Karnataka Elections 2021: Bridal Wear and ‘Rahu Kal’ Check Amid Voting – Highlights”

Karnataka Elections Highlights: Amid Voting, Some Arrive in Bridal Wear, Others Check for ‘Rahu Kal’

On Sunday, voting for the Karnataka Assembly elections began. People showed up to polling stations dressed in bridal wear, while others checked for “Rahu Kal” – an inauspicious time of day in Hindu astrology. Here are some highlights from the election:

Early Voter Turnout:

As of 10:30 am, the voter turnout in Karnataka was at 18.23%, according to the Election Commission. This is a lower turnout compared to the 2018 elections, where the voter turnout was at 19.97% by the same time.

COVID-19 Protocols:

The Election Commission had put in place several COVID-19 protocols to ensure safe voting during the pandemic. Voters were required to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and sanitize their hands before and after voting. Polling booths were also disinfected to minimize the risk of transmission.

Bridal Wear and ‘Rahu Kal’:

Some voters made sure to vote before the start of “Rahu Kala,” which is considered an inauspicious time according to Hindu astrology. Others showed up in bridal wear to cast their ballots. One voter said, “We are getting married in a few days and voting is our responsibility. So, we came here in our wedding attire.”

Tight Race:

The elections in Karnataka are expected to be a tight race between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition Indian National Congress (INC). BJP leader Basavaraj Bommai had expressed confidence in his party’s victory, while senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah had expressed optimism about his party’s chances.

Exit Poll Results:

Several exit polls were conducted after voting ended. Some predicted a clear victory for the BJP, while others suggested a hung assembly. However, the results of the actual election will only be known on May 2, when the votes are counted.

In conclusion, the Karnataka Assembly elections saw some interesting highlights – from voters dressed in bridal wear to those checking for “Rahu Kal.” The COVID-19 protocols put in place by the Election Commission ensured safe voting, while the tight race between the BJP and the INC kept the outcome uncertain. The results of the election are eagerly awaited, and May 2 cannot come soon enough for those watching the race closely.

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