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“Maharashtra Political Crisis: SC Verdict Today on Sena vs Sena, Shinde’s Fate as CM Hangs in the Balance”

Update: Supreme Court Orders Floor Test on November 27 at 5 pm.

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Shinde to Remain CM? SC Verdict Today on Sena vs Sena

The political crisis in Maharashtra has taken a new turn with the ongoing tussle between the Shiv Sena, NCP (Nationalist Congress Party), Congress and BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). The latest news suggests that the Shiv Sena is likely to get the Chief Minister’s post, but will have to fight a legal battle in the Supreme Court.

The BJP, which is currently in power in Maharashtra, won the 2019 assembly elections with its pre-poll alliance of Shiv Sena, but the two parties had a fallout over seat-sharing arrangements. Since then, the Shiv Sena had been looking for a new ally to form the government in the state.

Recently, the NCP and Congress extended their support to the Shiv Sena, and the Uddhav Thackeray-led party staked claim to form the government in Maharashtra. However, the BJP accused the Shiv Sena of betraying its mandate and approached the Governor to stake claim to form the government.

After a series of political drama, the Governor invited the BJP to form the government, but the Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress approached the Supreme Court challenging the decision. The Supreme Court has been hearing the case and is expected to deliver its verdict today.

As per the latest updates, the Shiv Sena is likely to get the Chief Minister’s post, and senior leader Eknath Shinde’s name is doing the rounds as the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra. However, the BJP is not giving up easily and has been pressurizing the Governor to invite them to form the government.

The Supreme Court’s verdict is eagerly awaited by all the political parties and citizens of Maharashtra. The verdict will either pave the way for a new government in the state, or the possibility of President’s rule in Maharashtra cannot be ruled out.

In a recent development, the Supreme Court has ordered a floor test for Maharashtra Chief Minister’s position on November 27 at 5 pm. This means that the parties will have to prove their majority on the floor of the assembly.

In conclusion, the political chaos in Maharashtra seems to be far from over. The Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress alliance is trying hard to form the government, while the BJP is pushing for President’s rule in the state. The Supreme Court’s verdict will be crucial in determining the future course of action.

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