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Pawar Acknowledges Shiv Sena’s Claim of NCP’s Successor Failure

We Know What We’re Doing: Pawar After Shiv Sena (UBT) Says He Failed to Create Successor to Take NCP Forward

Pawar has responded after Shiv Sena (UBT) claimed that he has failed to create a successor to take NCP forward. “We know what we’re doing,” Pawar said, adding that the NCP is a democratic party where decisions are taken through discussions. He further stated that many people have been given an opportunity to lead the party and the NCP is not dependent on an individual.

Pawar’s response came after Uddhav Thackeray’s party claimed that there was no clear successor to Pawar in the NCP. This has raised questions about the NCP’s future, especially as Pawar has been the face of the party for several years.

Despite the concerns raised by UBT, Pawar reaffirmed that the NCP is capable of handling any situation. “We have faced many challenges in the past and have come out stronger each time. The NCP is a party with a strong foundation, and we have capable leaders who can take the party forward,” he said.

Pawar’s confidence in the NCP comes despite the party’s recent loss in the Maharashtra local body elections. However, he has stated that the party is committed to “working hard and regaining the trust of the people.”

It should be noted that despite the concerns raised by UBT, Pawar has a reputation for being a skilled politician. He has been in politics for over five decades and has held various positions in the state and central government. He is known for his ability to build alliances and his knack for finding solutions to complex problems.

Overall, it seems that Pawar is confident in the NCP’s abilities and is not worried about finding a clear successor. The NCP has faced challenges in the past and has always emerged stronger, and it seems that Pawar believes that the party is capable of doing so again.

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