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Raj Thackeray Backs Maha Ekikaran Samiti in K’taka Polls After Tweet Controversy

Tweet Delete+Shift: Raj Thackeray Changes Stance, Seeks Votes for Maha Ekikaran Samiti in K’taka after Row

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) President Raj Thackeray has once again demonstrated his agility in politics by changing his stance on the issue of voting for Maha Ekikaran Samiti (MES) in Karnataka. Raj Thackeray initially stated that he would not encourage voting for the MES, but has changed his stance after a confrontation with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Thackeray was previously opposed to voting for the MES in Karnataka, citing the party’s divisive tactics. However, after a heated exchange with Fadnavis, Thackeray has shifted his position and is now urging Maharashtra voters to support the MES in the upcoming Karnataka assembly polls. Thackeray has suggested that MES is a party that works for the unity of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

This new position by Thackeray has come as a surprise to many. However, political analysts believe that it is a strategic move by Thackeray in light of the upcoming general elections in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Thackeray is known for his political agility and has often changed his stance on various issues depending on the political climate.

This change of stance by Thackeray has caused a stir in political circles. Many believe that the MNS president is playing politics with the issue of Maharashtra’s unity. However, Thackeray has denied such allegations and has reiterated that the MES is a party that is committed to maintaining unity among Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

In conclusion, Raj Thackeray’s surprise shift in stance on the issue of voting for MES in Karnataka has once again highlighted his political agility and ability to adapt to changing political circumstances. Whether this new position will enhance his political standing in Maharashtra remains to be seen. However, it is clear that Thackeray’s decision to support the MES has raised eyebrows in political circles and has injected a new level of intrigue into the upcoming Karnataka assembly polls.

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