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“Shivakumar’s Path to Karnataka CM Chair Blocked by CBI, ED, IT & 1 ED Summon: 8 Cases Filed”

Eight cases have been filed against senior Congress leader DK Shivakumar by various investigating agencies, including the CBI, ED, and IT. This has potentially blocked Shivakumar’s path to the chief minister’s chair in Karnataka. One of the cases is regarding illegal mining, while another is about tax evasion.

The ED has summoned Shivakumar in connection with one of the cases, which involves accusations of extortion. The agency alleges that Shivakumar extorted money from a Bengaluru-based businessman and used it to purchase a property in the city. Shivakumar has denied the allegations, claiming that they are politically motivated.

Shivakumar was previously arrested by the ED in 2019 for alleged money laundering. He spent 50 days in jail before being released on bail. The ED had accused Shivakumar of receiving illegal donations through hawala channels and investing the funds in benami properties. Shivakumar had again denied these allegations, calling them baseless.

Shivakumar has been a key Congress leader in Karnataka for many years. He is from the Vokkaliga community, which is a significant voting bloc in the state. He has served as the energy minister in the state government and is widely expected to become the chief minister if the Congress comes to power in the state.

However, with these cases being filed against him, his political career may be in jeopardy. These accusations have tarnished his image and credibility, making it difficult for him to gain public support. The Congress party, too, may decide to distance itself from him in order to avoid any further controversies.

In conclusion, the eight cases filed against DK Shivakumar by various investigating agencies have potentially blocked his path to the chief minister’s chair in Karnataka. These accusations have damaged his reputation and could harm his political career in the long run. The ED’s summon also adds another layer of uncertainty to his present situation. Only time will tell how these cases will play out and what impact they will have on the political landscape in Karnataka.

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