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“State-wise Strategy Required to Counter BJP as Congress Weakens in Various Regions: Insights from Kerala CM”

The weak status of Congress in many parts of the country has been highlighted by the Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, who has stressed the need for the BJP to be countered state-wise.

The Congress has been struggling in several areas and has faced significant losses in terms of public support. As a result, the party has been unable to effectively counter the BJP’s growing influence in several states across India.

According to the Chief Minister, one of the key reasons for the Congress’ decline is the lack of proper leadership. The party has been facing issues with selecting suitable candidates, which has led to a gap between the party and the public. This gap has resulted in the lack of trust that people have in the party and has contributed to the party’s downfall.

The BJP, on the other hand, has been strengthening its position in many states across the country. The party has successfully implemented strategies that have led to an increase in its popularity. The party has a strong social media presence, and its leaders are more accessible to the public than Congress leaders.

Moreover, the BJP has been successful in conveying its message to the public. Its leaders have spoken extensively about their plans to develop the country and have promised to act against corruption. The BJP’s message has struck a chord with the public, and it has resulted in the party’s popularity increasing.

The Chief Minister has suggested that the Congress should focus on strengthening its position state-wise. This strategy would involve selecting suitable candidates who are better equipped to understand the pulse of the public and communicate with them. By doing so, the party would be able to develop stronger roots in the states and create a significant presence.

The Chief Minister has also suggested that the Congress should take a leaf out of the BJP’s book and improve its social media presence. Social media has emerged as a potent tool in recent years, and political parties that have been successful in using it have been able to expand their reach.

In conclusion, the Congress faces significant challenges in many states across the country, and the BJP’s growing popularity is one of the major factors contributing to these challenges. The Chief Minister’s suggestion of focussing on state-wise strengthening and social media presence is a valuable one, and the Congress would do well to heed this advice. By doing so, the party would be able to create a stronger presence and attract more public support.

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