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‘Vinash Kale Viparit Buddhi’: Bajrang Dal Not PFI, PM Has Swung Polls BJP’s Way, Vijayendra Tells News18

Response on the Ground

With the assembly polls in Karnataka just five days away, campaigning is reaching its peak. In an exclusive interview with News18, BJP candidate BY Vijayendra shares his opinion on his party’s chances, the impact of PM Narendra Modi, the Bajrang Dal controversy, and his father, BS Yediyurappa’s resignation. According to Vijayendra, there has been a great response across the state. At every function or rally, it’s clear that the voters have made up their minds to give a clear mandate to the BJP. Vijayendra is convinced that his party will come back to power with an absolute majority.

BJP’s Chances

According to surveys until a week ago, the Congress party had an edge over the BJP. However, after the Prime Minister’s rallies across the state, the same surveys are now predicting a simple majority for the BJP. In his view, there has been a tremendous response in favour of the BJP. He believes that the trend in the last few weeks indicates that the BJP will once again be in power with an absolute majority. The people of Karnataka have made it clear that they don’t want a hung assembly or the Congress party to come back to power.

Impact of PM Modi’s Outreach Programmes

Vijayendra believes that Prime Minister Modi’s outreach programmes have had a tremendous impact on the voters. He’s been covering more than three to four districts every day, and the people of Karnataka are responding positively to his rallies. People are fed up with a hung assembly and understand the implications of a coalition government. They don’t want a repeat of the confusion that arose during the Congress-JDS tenure. Therefore, Vijayendra believes that people are convinced that the BJP is the right choice for the state.

Contesting from Shikaripura

Vijayendra is contesting from Shikaripura, a constituency that his father, BS Yediyurappa represented for four decades. He feels blessed to be able to contest from his father’s constituency. He never expected to receive the opportunity to do so but is grateful to the party’s high command for giving him the chance.

Was Varuna Your Choice?

While Vijayendra has fans in Varuna, he’s glad to contest from Shikaripura and has visited every booth in his constituency. The party workers are enthusiastic and want to ensure a huge margin of victory for the BJP.

Lingayat Communities and BJP

The BJP has always enjoyed the support of the Lingayat community. Vijayendra feels that the Lingayat community has put faith in the BJP because they have not forgotten how Congress treated Veerendra Patil. They humiliated him and divided the Veerashaiva and the Lingayat communities. Furthermore, Vijayendra clarifies that not just the Lingayats, but the SC and ST communities, are also with the BJP. CM Bommai has handled the reservation issue by increasing the SC and ST reservations. Therefore, all communities are happy with the BJP.

Congress’ Response on BJP and Lingayats

Vijayendra clarifies that Yediyurappa’s resignation as CM was his decision, and nobody forced him to step down. He believes that Congress is confused and has a false sense of confidence that they will come to power. They’re even promising to ban Bajrang Dal and talking about “freebies”.

Bajrang Dal Controversy

Congress’ plan to ban Bajrang Dal is ridiculous. Vijayendra feels that the Congress party, when in power, never tried to control Naxalism or terrorism in the country. In contrast, PM Modi successfully controlled terror organizations. The Bajrang Dal is not limited to Karnataka and is a Hindu organization that is present across the country, so banning it is out of the question.

Congress Promises

Vijayendra is confident that the BJP will emerge victorious. He dismisses the Congress party’s promises of building Hanuman temples across Karnataka if they come to power as a big joke.

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