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“Will Fox News Bring Back Tucker Carlson Before 2025?”

News of Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News has sparked intense speculation about his future. Carlson holds a prominent position in the Republican Party, where his nightly show on Fox News has made him an important figure in shaping public opinion. There are rumors that he may be enticed away from Fox News by conservative media companies competing with the network as well as those pitching themselves as alternatives to the mainstream press. Companies such as the Daily Wire, Newsmax, and One America News have reportedly expressed an interest in working with Carlson, as has Canadian-based media company Rumble.

Fox News, for its part, is opting to rotate its hosts instead of filling Carlson’s time-slot right away, showcasing hosts like Brian Kilmeade and Lawrence Jones to fill the void. Nonetheless, the loss of Carlson has had an impact on Fox’s ratings, which have suffered moderately since his departure. While Fox News has long dominated cable news, Carlson’s departure has seen the network lose to both MSNBC and CNN among adults in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

There is more at stake for Carlson beyond just financial compensation, as staying off the airwaves for an extended period can be detrimental to his career and his earning potential. As such, Carlson has stated he wishes to return to TV before 2025, but the question remains whether Fox News will welcome him back or whether he will seek success with another provider.

Jim Rutenberg contributed reporting.

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