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“Blue Jays Pitcher Jay Jackson’s Admission of Tipping Pitches to Aaron Judge”

Blue Jays Pitcher Jay Jackson Admits to Tipping Pitches to Aaron Judge

In a recent interview with, Blue Jays pitcher Jay Jackson revealed that he might have inadvertently tipped his pitches during a game against the New York Yankees in August. Specifically, he admitted that he may have given away the location of his pitches to Yankees slugger Aaron Judge.

As a result, Judge was able to hit a two-run homer off of Jackson in the first inning of the game, which the Yankees went on to win 13-2. In the interview, Jackson stated that he had reviewed video of the game and noticed several instances where he may have been tipping his pitches.

“I saw some things that kind of pointed to some tipping, so I addressed it with the team, and the team looked at it as well,” Jackson said. “It’s one of those things — in the moment, you’re not thinking about it. Obviously, I don’t want to tip my pitches, but it was happening.”

Jackson’s admission raises questions about the prevalence of pitch tipping in baseball and how it can be prevented. Pitch tipping occurs when a pitcher inadvertently gives away information about the type or location of the pitch they are about to throw. This can happen through subtle movements or gestures that the opposing team is able to pick up on and use to their advantage.

Many pitchers are aware of the risks of pitch tipping and go to great lengths to prevent it from happening. Some will alter their delivery or mechanics to make their movements less predictable, while others will use different signs or signals to communicate with their catchers.

While the Blue Jays ultimately lost the game against the Yankees, Jackson’s admission shows a level of transparency and accountability that is admirable in professional sports. By acknowledging his mistake, he can work with his coaches to correct the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

Overall, pitch tipping remains a challenge in baseball, but players and coaches are constantly working to stay one step ahead of their opponents. With continued attention to detail and a commitment to preparation, pitchers like Jackson can minimize the risk of tipping their pitches and maintain a competitive edge on the field.

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Sara Marcus
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