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“Dev, Bhoria, and Hussamuddin Shine as World Boxing Semifinalists”

Dev, Bhoria, and Hussamuddin advance to the semifinals of the World Boxing Championships

Indian star boxers Dev, Bhoria, and Hussamuddin have advanced to the semifinals of the World Boxing Championships. These three boxers have made the country proud by their brilliant performance in the quarterfinals. The competition was held in Belgrade, Serbia, and these fighters have displayed great strength and determination.

Dev, who is in the 52kg category, has defeated Puerto Rico’s Oscar Collazo in a split verdict of 4-1. It was a close match, but Dev was able to come out on top with his impressive defense and offense. He will now face off against Armenia’s Hovhannes Bachkov in the semifinals.

Bhoria, in the 57kg category, secured his spot in the semifinals after his opponent, Brazil’s Joedison Teixeira, retired due to an injury in the second round. Bhoria had a dominant performance, and his strong offensive skills forced the Brazilian to retire.

Hussamuddin, who is competing in the 56kg category, also secured a place in the semis after a comfortable 5-0 win over Italy’s Manuel Cappai. Hussamuddin displayed tremendous footwork and agility throughout the match, and his defensive skills kept his opponent at bay. He will now face off against Cuba’s Lazaro Alvarez Estrada in the next round.

The performance of these boxers in the quarterfinals has been exceptional. They have shown great skill, determination, and grit in their respective matches. They have gone through grueling training sessions and worked hard to reach this level of excellence. Their hard work and dedication have paid off as they are now in the running for some of the top honors in the sport of boxing.

Indian boxing fans will be eagerly waiting to watch these boxers compete in the semifinals. They are hoping that these three champions will continue to perform well and bring home medals for India. The competition will be tough, but with their amazing skills and the support of millions of fans, they have a good chance of succeeding.

In conclusion, Dev, Bhoria, and Hussamuddin have made India proud by their outstanding performance in the quarterfinals of the World Boxing Championships. They have tested their mettle against some of the world’s best boxers and have come out victorious. Their hard work, passion, and commitment to the sport of boxing have shone through, and they are now one step closer to achieving their dreams. The Indian boxing fraternity is eagerly anticipating their semifinal matches, and we wish them the best of luck for their upcoming bouts.

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Sara Marcus
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