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How an Unfinished TV Deal Led to An Unexpectedly Hectic First Month For The New Big Ten Commissioner

The Big Ten Conference is one of the major college football and basketball leagues in the United States. And in the wake of its recent leadership change, the conference has faced some unexpected challenges.

The conference’s new commissioner, Kevin Warren, took up his role in January 2020, taking over from Jim Delany, who had held the position for more than two decades. Warren had a wealth of experience in sports management, having previously held senior positions in Major League Baseball (MLB), but he was still new to the college sports environment.

But Warren’s first few weeks on the job were not as smooth as he might have hoped. One of the main reasons for this was an exception in the conference’s TV deal with and ESPN. According to sources, there was a clause in the contract that allowed the network to ask for a renegotiation if there were any changes to the conference’s membership.

This presented a potential problem for the new commissioner, as rumors persisted that the conference might be considering adding new schools. The instability around this situation created uncertainty for the teams, coaches, and athletic directors involved in the conference.

The issue dragged on for weeks, with and ESPN discussing the possibility of re-negotiating the terms of the contract. The situation was not only impacting the conference’s financial future but also the fan experience. The fans were eagerly awaiting the release of the conference’s football schedule, but the uncertainty around the TV deal made the announcement impossible.

It wasn’t until early February that the situation was finally resolved, with the conference announcing a six-year deal with and ESPN. The agreement ensured stability for the conference and paved the way for the release of the football schedule.

But despite this positive news, the conference’s new commissioner had further challenges to face. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic meant that the conference had to make some tough decisions regarding the college football and basketball seasons. The Big Ten was one of the first college conferences to announce that its fall sports would be suspended until the spring of 2021.

This decision brought more uncertainty and made the start of Warren’s tenure even more challenging. The situation also caught the attention of the media and fans, as some wanted to know why the conference opted for a different route to other college conferences that were planning to play in the fall.

In conclusion, the Big Ten Conference faced a period of great uncertainty following the departure of its long-serving commissioner, Jim Delany. The new commissioner, Kevin Warren, faced some unexpected challenges in his first few weeks, the most significant being the unfinished TV deal. This experience showed Warren that the success of a conference depends on each of its individual members, from the schools to the fans. It also highlighted how important it is to regularly review contracts and ensure that they are up to date and able to handle unforeseen events. Despite facing challenging times, Warren has shown great leadership to steer the conference through the storm and protect the interests of everyone involved.


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Sara Marcus
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