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“Inside Kaleb Brown’s surprising decision: Why he left Ohio State for Iowa”

Why Kaleb Brown Chose to Leave Ohio State for Iowa


High school prospect Kaleb Brown faced a tough decision as a top recruit for the Ohio State University football program. However, he ultimately decided to leave the Buckeyes and take his chances with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Here are the reasons why.

Ohio State: A Strong Contender

Brown was a top football recruit for the Ohio State University for the class of 2022. The Buckeyes have been a dominant football team for many years and regularly produce top NFL draft picks. Though Brown had committed to the school, he continued to look at other options as well.

What Changed his Mind?

After considering other options, Brown decided to take a chance on the Iowa Hawkeyes. Many people were surprised at the decision, including Ohio State fans. However, Brown ultimately felt that he had a better chance of standing out and getting playing time at Iowa. The Hawkeyes have consistently been a top team in their conference, and Brown believes he can be a big player in their system.

Coach Kirk Ferentz’s Influence

Another factor that led to Brown’s decision was the impact of Iowa’s head coach, Kirk Ferentz. Ferentz’s reputation for developing players was a big draw for Brown. Ferentz has a long history of success, including several conference championships and bowl wins.

The Benefits of Being a Hawkeye

Brown’s decision was also influenced by the benefits of playing at Iowa. The Hawkeyes have a strong fanbase, and Brown is excited to play in front of a sold-out crowd. Additionally, Iowa has a history of producing top NFL draft picks, and Brown believes he can become one of them with the right coaching and training.


Overall, Brown’s decision to leave Ohio State and take his chances with Iowa was not an easy one. However, he believes that he made the right choice and is excited to take his football career to the next level with the Hawkeyes. As he prepares for his college football career, Brown is confident that he will be a valuable addition to the team and looks forward to helping lead Iowa to more victories in the future.

Sara Marcus
Sara Marcus
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