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IOA’s proactive move in taking over WFI marks the beginning of wrestlers’ quest for justice

IOA Takes Charge of WFI: Step Towards Justice, Say Wrestlers

The Indian Olympic Association’s (IOA) decision to take charge of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has been welcomed by wrestlers. The move is being seen as a step towards justice as previous complaints regarding the wrestling body’s functioning went unheard.

IOA Intervenes as a Last Resort

The WFI has been under the scanner for a while, with wrestlers complaining about various issues like corruption, biased selection, and the appointment of coaches. Despite the grievances, the WFI remained non-responsive to the appeals of the athletes.

Marking this as a lack of accountability on the part of the WFI, the IOA intervened as a last resort. The IOA has formed a 10-member committee to run the show at WFI until fresh elections are held. The committee has been tasked with addressing the grievances of the wrestlers and streamlining the functioning of the federation.

Wrestlers Support IOA’s Decision

The wrestlers have expressed their support for the IOA’s move, hailing it as a turning point in their fight for justice. Veteran wrestler Virender Singh, who has been vocal about issues like corruption in WFI, has said that the IOA’s intervention will bring transparency and accountability to the sport.

Joining him, another wrestler, Sushil Kumar, who won medals at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, has said that the IOA’s decision shows that the athletes’ voices are being heard. He has also urged the young wrestlers to come forward and speak up if they face any injustice in the sport.

IOA Committee to Address Pending Complaints

The IOA committee has taken the responsibility of prioritizing and addressing the complaints that have piled up over time. The immediate focus of the committee will be the selection of wrestlers for international events and the appointment of coaches.

It is expected that the committee will take concrete steps to ensure that the selection process is fair and transparent, and wrestlers are given equal opportunities. The appointment of coaches will also be streamlined, and a new coaching system based on merit and performance will be introduced.


The IOA’s decision to take over the reins of the WFI has been welcomed by wrestlers. It is a sign that their complaints are being taken seriously, and efforts are being made to ensure accountability and transparency in the sport. The IOA committee has a big responsibility on its shoulders, and its success will depend on the steps it takes to address the grievances of the wrestlers and streamline the functioning of the federation.

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Sara Marcus
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