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“Joel Embiid’s game-changing advice for James Harden before NBA Eastern Conference semifinals Game 4”

NBA Eastern Conference semifinals: Joel Embiid sends hard-hitting advice for teammate James Harden ahead of game 4

Joel Embiid, the star player of the Philadelphia 76ers, delivered hard-hitting advice to his struggling teammate James Harden after the Boston Celtics defeated the 76ers 114-102, taking a 2-1 lead in the series on Friday. Embiid’s message was clear: he told Harden to keep shooting, stay aggressive and not get too high or too low. He emphasized that some nights players make a lot of tough shots, while on some nights, they do not make any. It is all about finding other ways to impact the game and keep playing.

Harden, who had an impressive performance in 76ers’ win in game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, has struggled in games 2 and 3. In game 2, his shooting performance was 2-for-14, and he shot 3-for-14 in game 3 on Friday. It is quite evident that Harden’s shooting was not up to the mark in the last two games, considering his stellar record.

Celtics guard Malcolm Brogdon highlighted the strategy against Harden that helped his team regain the lead after losing game 1. The Celtics are purposefully making it hard for Harden, forcing him to take tough shots and making him uncomfortable. Brogdon emphasized that they want to ensure that Harden does not play like he did in game 1, where he won the game for the 76ers singlehandedly.

Heading into game 4, which is scheduled for Sunday, Embiid talked about the various adjustments that the team can make to prevent a resurgent Celtics from winning their third consecutive match. Embiid called out the players to show up and do their jobs, emphasizing that making adjustments will not matter if the players do not execute. He acknowledged that they have not been good enough in the last two games and there has been no sense of urgency. Embiid stressed on executing the small things right, particularly guarding the Celtics in the half-court and positioning themselves correctly during loose ball situations.

In game 3 on Friday, Embiid was the 76ers’ best performer with 30 points, 13 rebounds, and three assists. Meanwhile, Jayson Tatum was the star player for Celtics, scoring 27 points, grabbing 10 rebounds, and providing five assists in the game.

The NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals has been an exhilarating series so far, with both teams fighting hard to make it into the Eastern Conference Finals. The 76ers will need to work together and execute their plans flawlessly to come back and win the series. Users can follow these games through various game-day apps, as well as games from other seasons, to get all the latest information while enjoying a classic NBA experience.

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