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“Mat Training for Wrestlers: Third Week of Intense Sit-In”

Wrestlers Begin Mat Training, Sit-in Enters Third Week

India’s protesting wrestlers have entered into their third week of demonstrations against the controversial farm laws passed by the Indian government. However, despite the ongoing sit-in, some of the wrestlers have reportedly returned to their regular mat training, challenging the government’s recent crackdown on the protest.

The wrestlers, who belong to the Guru Hanuman Akhara wrestling club in Delhi, had initially halted their training in support of the sit-in. However, with no end to their protest in sight, some of the wrestlers have resumed their training to maintain their fitness levels.

Following this decision, the Delhi Police gave them an ultimatum, asking them to vacate the protest site and return to their respective homes. However, the wrestlers refused to comply with the order, saying that their protest was peaceful and they posed no harm to anyone.

Protesting farmers across the country have joined the sit-in, which started on August 13. The farmers are protesting against the three new laws that the government claims will help improve the agricultural sector of the country. However, farmers believe that the new laws will only benefit the rich and powerful corporations and harm small-scale farmers.

As the protest continues, many athletes have lent their support to the movement, including Indian cricket legends Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev. Wrestlers, in particular, have been vocal in their criticism of the government’s policies.

While protesters have been peaceful so far, tensions have risen in recent days as the police have increased their presence at the protest site. The police have also arrested several protesters, which has only added to the tension.

It remains to be seen how much longer the sit-in will continue, but it is clear that the protesters are determined to have their voices heard. As for the wrestlers, they are balancing their passion for their sport with their commitment to the cause, hoping for a favorable outcome in the coming days.

Sara Marcus
Sara Marcus
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